Our philosophy

The campus vivant'e stands for:

- education and development
- intercultural exchange and dialogue
- sustainability 
- the connection of old and new 
- valuing local culture and traditions 
- innovation and growth 
- peace, tolerance and respect 
- courage and mindfulness 
- the joy in learning 
- love for nature and the creation 
- alternatives and new ways to take 
- chances for all  

The campus vivant’e is a school and educational community centre with the aim of giving young people the chance to become who they truly are.
The campus vivant’e empowers, encourages and provides possibilities to discover personal talents and individual skills in order to lead a fulfilled life.
The campus vivant’e encourages people to actively participate in creating the world around them and o bring back good to their valley, their country and humanity in general.
The campus vivant’e offers the opportunity to peacefully change the world, in fact, to be the change we all want to see.