collège vivant'e

The new secondary school, the collège vivant'e, started in September 2016.
In a dual system the pupils continue here their schooling in a balanced training of practical work and theory.

Together with professionals from Morocco and other countries, they have the chance to put the national program into action and to  discover different working fields and their own talents. 

Together with their teachers and in the huge workshop, the arts-atelier, the scientific laboratory and the different study-rooms they are encouraged to take on their path of self-guided learning and holistic growth. 


In addition, the new building offers a place of new possibilities for the youth to meet and to grow, to express and to be creative, and serves the great public with a various range of offers, such as:

  • Creative workshops and art classes
  • Coaching and tutoring
  • Further pedagogic education and trainings 
  • Women circles (sewing, felting, etc.)
  • Language and computer classes
  • Sports courses (soccer, karate, gymnastics…)
  • Trainings with specialists from different countries
  • Little shop to sell local products