Pedagogic concept


Each generation brings forth new ideas, requirements and problems, and each generation must succeed anew in a world that is different than that of their parents. This applies especially to areas where traditional life-circumstances change by sudden modernization processes, just as here in the Ait Bouguemez-valley.

That’s why it is so important to teach the new generation not only theoretical knowledge but also to train their awareness and mindfulness and teach practical techniques to be able to lead a meaningful and fulfilled life.

The most important basis therefor is the strengthening of the personality and the joy of lifelong learning – so the école vivante offers an innovative school concept: 

Based on the idea that every child already wears in her the keys to her most beautiful development, the school climate at the école vivante is characterized by equity, freedom, a deep sense of community and understanding for each individual. Everybody here can flourish and develop his personal skills in creative activeness, in collaborative learning and through mutual help.

The role of the teacher is that of a guide: encouraging learning and the self-motivation of the pupils. 

The école vivante bases its work in the philosophy of the "Scuola Vivante", which was developed by the Swiss couple Veronika Müller-Mäder and Jürg Mäder. This deeply human and respectful ideas were adapted to the Muslim faith and way of life and to the local situation in the Ait Bouguemez-valley.

The primary school offers a full and global education that follows the national Moroccan curriculum taught through new pedagogic methods and enriched by the fostering of local knowledge and the discovery of new worlds. It is based on deep respect for every child in regard of his strengths and weaknesses. The main focus is put on the development of the personality of the students, to support individual talents and to encourage personal expression through practical work, language and art. 

The école vivante is a place of growth, where young people have the chance to build their personalities in peace, freedom, tolerance and respect, to become people with deep roots who spread their wings: rooted in their culture, religion and traditions, but ready to fly away to discover and get connected.