The school

In September 2010 the école vivante, the so called lively school, began to work as an elementary school.  The concept of the école vivante grew out of the wonderful pedagogy of the Swiss Scuola Vivante, which is still a source of inspiration and constant support.  It is based on deep respect for the personality of every child in regard of his strengths and weaknesses.
The école vivante offers a full and global formation that follows the national Moroccan curriculum but is enriched by the fostering of local knowledge and the discovery of new worlds.

The main focus is put on the development of the personality of every student, to support individual talents and to encourage personal expression through practical work, language and art.
The école vivante fosters a healthy spirit and a strong nature: rooted in the Muslim faith, in the local culture and tradition, but curious and eager to learn new things and to join the world.   
Some of the things that make the intercultural dialogue alive and turn mundane classes into real happenings are the creative work and school exchanges with friends from Europe, and also the daily practice of different languages - at the école vivante schooldays are a vivid and concrete learning experience. 

A beautiful insight in our work you can get through our blog: