The campus vivant'e

The campus vivant'e with its schools and the youth center is situated in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains on 1800m altitude and far away from everything.
In the heart of the traditional Berber valley called “Ait Bouguemez” the campus vivant'e is a place of innovation and growth. 
It’s a place where young people have the chance to build their personalities in freedom, tolerance and respect, to become people with deep roots who spread their wings: rooted in their culture, religion and traditions, but ready to fly, to discover new things and get connected with the world.

The campus vivant'e is a place for young Berbers who are proud of who they are, but also eager to get in contact with other cultures and religions. They are courageous people, ready to participate in positive change, to create, to be part of a peaceful world and to bring back good to their own valley.

The campus vivant'e is a place of education, development, encouragement, empowerment and support. It is a place which unites people from all different social backgrounds, of different races, faith and languages.
It’s here where old meets new, where traditions and customs are cultivated in harmony with the modern, and where intercultural exchange happens.  
The campus vivant'e is a center of sustainable innovation and growth that offers to the people of Ait Bouguemez a chance to discover themselves through new possibilities and new horizons and to peacefully get in exchange with people from all over the world. 

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With roots and wings. 

Growing together.