Towards new horizons - genesis of the campus vivant'e

Initiators and founders of the school project in Morocco are Haddou Mouzoun and his wife Stefanie-Itto Tapal-Mouzoun.

Haddou is Berber from the valley of Ait Bouguemez. He spent here his whole childhood and schooling-time and visited also the school for mountain guides.

Stefanie (Itto) Tapal-Mouzoun was born and grew up in South Germany and completed also her interior-architectural studies in Stuttgart. She moved with Haddou to his country after they have met in Marrakech during her traineeship abroad.

The two live, together with their four children, in the heart of the Ait Bouguemez-valley. They take part in several development projects and are dedicated to social and educational work and a sustainable way of living.

Very early they had the vision to develop the chances for education and growth for local children and the youth.
By several happy coincidences the two met in 2007 Veronika Mueller-Mäder and Jürg Mäder, head masters of the free Swiss school Scuola Vivante. The common idea of an alternative school in the Ait Bouguemez-area grew and a firm cooperation developed.

Together they created and developed the free and very human pedagogy, adapted it to the national curriculum, the reality and the needs of Berber children.
Years of planning, arranging papers, bureaucratic completions, the search for money and for suitable teachers followed. 

In the summer of 2010 they started with a holidays leisure program. Under quite simple circumstances and in two empty rooms of their own house Stefanie and Haddou offered a place of joy to the children. The demand was enormous, more than 30 children came daily. The need for such a place was clearly visible and inscriptions for the start of the primary school soon came in.

In September 2010 the officially approved elementary school ”école vivante” started. 
And since then, the whole project developed with the help of many friends, partners and visitors from around the world. 





Our vision is to offer  an alternative. We wish for our own and for the children of the valley a school that promotes the joy in learning and a place that encourages holistic development in conformity with each individual’s personality, background, religion and traditional surrounding in a modern world.
The campus vivant’e shall become a place of mutual growth, peace and light for all! 

Haddou Mouzoun and Stefanie Itto Tapal-Mouzoun