If you like to participate in developing the campus and in carrying out our mission to offer a place of learning, of peace-work and growth, we are happy to cooperate with you and to get your support.

Our students come from different social strata and have sometimes very poor backgrounds.
Your financial help is inevitable for the existence and the operation of our schools and guarantees a high quality education and positive chances for all the pupils at the
école and college vivant’e.

We are looking for courageous people who want to be the change they wanna see in the world.
You are welcome to financially promote small objects, material or a definite project, to take over a sponsorship for a student, to support us in our operating cost coverage or to help us with a big donation in buying more land and in realizing the whole campus. 
Here you can find the different bank accounts and you are always welcome to cotact us.

We sincerely thank all people, groups and organizations for their support, encouragement and company on the growing of the campus vivant’e!